Jahplaka is a Reggae, Ragga and Soca musician born Plakoo Joshua on 31st of December 1995, in the slums of Accra, Ghana.Evolving around many monickers, “Plaka” became his favourite because of it being derived from his surname. He then added “Jah” to signify his close relation between the creator and himself.

He’s the second of 5 kids born from a musical family. His father a pastor, was an ex-member of the early 70’s Ghanaian band ” Explosive Confusion” and mom a chorister. Plaka’s musical journey began when he started singing songs taught by his mom to his father’s congregation at the age of 6, he fast forward grew the love for break dancing and rap music.In his early teens, Plaka battle rapped throughout elementary and high school which led him to voice his first Hip Hop single in 2013 titled POUNDCAKE.


Proclaiming Rasta as a spiritual path, and inspired by old school music, JahPlaka’s revolutionary dancehall style sets him apart from his counterparts, by employing social and spiritual consciousness of roots reggae into dancehall. In 2018 , he independently released his wave making single “Listen UP” , which got featured on spotify’s top dancehall and reggae playlists, he then followed up with a 5 track extended play in 2019 being his debut project.

The vibrant songwriter strikes fans by his focus on spreading positivity and educating his listeners through music. “Music should not just be sounds, but a communicable harmony, thats why i spread my message in a style to entertain yet to educate and spread love to my listeners”, he says. As he has already been initiated into the reggae world, JahPlaka isn’t set on staying in that lane, but whatever route he takes, he represents the next generation of positive Ghanaian music.