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About The Ragga Lord

Born Plakoo Joshua in the Volta region of Ghana, Jahplaka was brought up with 4 boys by his father, his mother having left for her own pastures when he was an infant. Jahplaka’s father sheltered his son from a lot of the violence that afflicted their community. “All the violence going on around me when growing, didn’t break me, to become its slave but it made me to become a master of my own actions” he says. Though he was able to avoid explicit scenes of bloodshed, the socio-political problems have seeped into his music, helping to make Jahplaka the artist he is today. “All i want is to entertain yet enlighten the masses who listen to me.”

Jahplaka – derived his moniker from the close relation between the creator and himself – his musical journey began when he started singing songs taught by his mom to his father’s congregation, his father a pastor, was an ex-member of the early 70’s Ghanaian band ” Explosive Confusion” and mom a chorister. At the age of 6, he learnt melody and harmony. After being inspired by the reggae legend Buju Banton, Jahplaka began to put pen on paper and started writing lyrics, which led him to voicing on multiple Jamaican riddims in 2016 and 2017. Jahplaka’s  following started to build and his work ethics rapidly enhanced in 2018 when he composed and co produced on his hot single Listen Up, which can heard being played all over Ghana. Listen Up is an ode stating out ethics and behaviours to his community, for making it a safe and crime free.

After few months of hitting the world with Listen Up, which gained tremendous playlisting’s on Spotify. Jahplaka followed up with his debut EP “Vitamin C”  in July 2019. This project possesses strong lyrical input and authentic new roots reggae flavours. Proclaiming rasta as a spiritual path and influenced by 90’s Reggae and Dancehall artist, his revolutionary dancehall style sets him apart from his counterparts, by employing social and spiritual consciousness of roots reggae into dancehall. Indeed, there are no restrictions to Jahplaka’s  talents. This isn’t someone making music for “likes” and money; Enlightenment holds much more weight to Jahplaka than followers and brand deals, accolades and awards. “We all succeed when we are all enlightened” he points out. “ I am not influencing people to just listen to me, rather, to listen and influence themselves”